We have high expectations for all of our children and staff. They deserve the best we can do.
We will never fail to believe that people and schools can improve.
We never ‘give up.’ We make long term commitments to pupils, families, communities and schools.
We constantly evaluate what we do in order to improve. We are never complacent.
We always promote equity, equality and challenge injustice. We always act in the ‘best interests’ of our pupils.

Hollingworth Academy is a National Teaching School and National Support School. These roles have developed significant experience and capacity in system leadership, developing and sharing good practice and providing bespoke support. It has also benefitted by learning from others to refine and improve practice.

As a teaching school, Hollingworth Academy has developed a network of Subject Leaders in Education and the Headteacher is a National Leader in Education. Hollingworth Academy has been independent from the Local Authority since 1994, during this time it has developed Support Services in-house which are supportive to education, innovative, efficient and well informed.

Hollingworth Academy
Excellence / Equity / Engagement / Enterprise

Newhouse Academy joined the Hollingworth Learning Trust family in April 2020 closely followed by the appointment of a new headteacher in September 2020.  With extensive experience of school improvement, he has supported, advised and led schools across the country.

With support from the Trust and by utilising the partnership with Hollingworth Academy, Newhouse is on a journey and making the necessary steps to becoming the school of choice in the community.

Newhouse Academy
Aspiration / Integrity / Respect