The core purpose of Hollingworth Learning Trust is to make a real positive difference to the lives of our children.

Every school we work with is on a journey to becoming ‘World Class’ and we are here to support this. Our Trust exists to support school improvement and share innovation across all of our schools in order to raise standards, improve provision and unlock potential. The purpose of each school is to improve the life chances of each child regardless of ability, gender, social background or ethnic origin.

Each school in our Trust has a unique context and works to best meet the needs of its pupils and local community.

We do not believe in a standard ‘one size fits all’ approach or the development of ‘identikit’ schools. The Trust will develop a bespoke relationship with each school dependent on where it lies on its journey towards ‘World Class’ and support its development while respecting its unique character and context.

As an experienced and effective teaching school, Hollingworth Academy has the experience to broker successful school to school support. We aim to develop the practice by which every academy is a giver and receiver of support and sharing best practice to enable the children in every institution to benefit.